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Welcome to Total Kids Magic Academy, San Diego & Orange County's Favorite Magic School & Camp!

Kids LOVE Magic and what better tool to instill confidence, creativity, and the eight important life skills that are taught in our Discover Magic program.  See what schools, teachers and parents are saying about our popular program and Camps.  And by the way, we travel to your location!

Magic Camp on the Go

Our Magic Camps are the talk of the town with TONS of magic, games and fun!  Perfect for schools, organizations and camps looking for something EPIC!  

Hey Camps & Schools, we have a solution for you

Bring a Magic Class or Magic Camp to your location

Total Kids Magic Academy offers several magic class and camp formats and we use the amazing Discover Magic curriculum.  This program teaches the Eight Traits of a Magician, which are Respect, Preparedness, Enthusiasm, Confidence, Humbleness, Creativity, Authenticity, and Generosity, it’s like a life skills course and magic class rolled into one!  The kids learn valuable life lessons while being taught amazing magic tricks, which they get to keep and show off to their friends and family.  

In 2022, the classes are taught in-person and personally taught by me, Dynamite Dave.  There are several different classes that you can choose from to suit your needs and ideal ages are from 6-13.  In-person classes and camps are held in San Diego and Orange County.


5-Day Magic Camp/3 hours per Day* – Perfect for Summer Camp programs or Winter & Spring Break. This package includes a full 8-wand program & TONS of fun and games!  It is usually held for 3 hours a day for 5 consecutive days and perfect for schools, YMCA’s, Recreation Centers, Boys and Girls Clubs and more.  A Harry Potter themed camp is also available.  Please ask if you have a different schedule you would prefer.

8-Class Wand Course* – Perfect for after-school programs! This packages includes the full 8-wand program & games.  There are 8 classes which are taught over either eight 1-hour or five 90-minute live sessions (in-person or online), with each lesson focusing on one of the traits of a Magician. 

 One-Hour Magic Class** – With this option, I teach a one-hour class where the children receive one high quality magic trick and top-secret file folder.   I teach the trick along with several other tricks that they can perform with household items.  During the class, I teach how these tricks tie into subjects such as Math, Science and Drama and how important these are to perform the magic.  There are three versions of this class – What is Magic, How Magic is Done, and Magic Words (Please, Thank you, etc). 


*Pricing for the Full Wand Course – The price for the Full Wand 8-session class is either $199 per child plus $40 per child for the magic kit fee (total $235) and I provide assistants or $199 per child with no magic kit fee if you have more than 20 children and you provide assistants (1 per 10 children).   This includes a live instructor, $80 in magic tricks as well as the content-rich file folders, the magic graduation wand, personalized graduation certificate and a keycard for each child to access the online vault of magic.   Please contact me for scheduling or if you have any questions.  For more information about this course, click here.

**Pricing for the One Hour Class (either in-person or online) – Minimum of 15 children for class, price for one-hour class is $25 (retail $40) per child and includes a magic trick and special top-secret file folder with games and tricks.  For more information about this class, click here.

Do you have any questions?  Click below to contact us or call us at 858-717-1908.