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Frequently Asked Questions

What areas do you service and are there travel charges?

We have two offices and are based out of the Clairemont area of San Diego AND recently in Long Beach.  We charge a minimal travel charge for anything in excess of 20 miles from either our San Diego or Long Beach locations and I alternate my schedule between Long Beach and San Diego every other week.

What do you mean by customized shows?

You have several options to choose from and three add-ons that you could get for your show.  If you have mainly 2- to 3-year-olds at your event, then a 30 minute silly magic with puppets show would be great and maybe the bubble show, where I make huge bubbles and tons of bubbles with my bubble storm.  If you have mainly 4-year-olds and up, then the Gold, Silver or Diamond package would work well.  The longer the show, the more options you can choose from.

What are the Options?

Here is what makes me different than other Magicians.  I perform MANY magic shows and have done so over 30 years.  Many people choose just magic for their event, which is fine.  BUT, I can also perform balloon twisting, bubbles shows, interactive games, mini magic workshops & puppet shows for younger children.  Be sure to check out the options on the Birthday Party page to see what I mean.

What are you doing about COVID?  Are in-person shows safe?

I adhere to State protocols and I do currently perform at in-person shows.  I do ask that they be held outdoors and I have a mask on and sanitize my hands frequently.  I wear a microphone to ensure that people can hear me for shows.

How far in advance should I book?

I am busy and sometimes have shows booked 2-3 months in advance. But I do have some weekends that may be much busier than others so feel free to contact me if you have an event coming up as soon as this weekend.  My weekdays are more flexible but I do perform a good number of magic classes and pre-school shows during the weekdays.

What is Total Kids Magic School?

I started San Diego Magic Academy in April 2020 and changed the name to Total Kids Magic School.  I teach magic classes for kids ages 6-13 and offer virtual and in-person group and private lessons AND Total Kids Magic Camp.  Be sure to check out for details.

What are the add-ons?

I have three different add-ons that you can add to your show.  

The goody bags are quite popular and come with a magic wand with a rack card with several tricks to perform with the wand and a link to a website with video directions.  The bags also come with a dinosaur that grows 600% in water (science trick), a age appropriate tricks (card trick for ages 6-up, optical illusion trick for 5-under), a sticker, a tattoo, finger trap, and other goodies.  

I also have a new add-on, a special full-color magic activity book jam packed with 150 tricks, puzzles, games and more!  These are only available through Discover Magic presenters, of which I am one.  

And finally, you can have a foam party from Foam Diego, which is another Total Kids Entertainment owned business.  Our foam cannon shoots 25 feet of clean foam, forming mountains of safe foam that your guests can play in.  Check out for more details and special pricing.


How much space do you need?

I have performed in living rooms before so I need enough space for the kids to sit (which can be on the floor) and then I need a space large enough for me to stand and for my magic table, sound system, and a performing area of about 25 square feet give or take.  The games take the most room and if we use a parachute, it is a 12-foot across parachute to give you an idea or there are other games we could do if less room.

Do you need me to provide a table or anything?

No. I bring all my own equipment – table, sound system, everything. Total set up time is about 20 minutes, so we’re ready to roll almost as soon as I arrive. My goal is to make this event as stress free for you as possible.

Can you perform at parks?

Yes I can.  Everything I have is battery powered so I am good to go  Some cities require you to reserve pavilions, etc so be sure to check and also some parks do not allow balloons.

Do you perform on weekdays?

Yes I can!  I am a full-time children’s performer, and perform at many weekday events.  I also offer $20 discounts for weekday events as well.

How much experience doing children’s entertainment do you have?

Well, since my oldest daughter was born so it has been over 30 years now.  I have a unique story in that I have been performing around my military career so each time that I moved in the Coast Guard, I would start up another children’s entertainment company and when I moved again then I would start it up again.  I have performed all across the US and at thousands and thousands of events.

Aren’t all children’s entertainers including clowns and magicians the same?  Why shouldn’t I hire the performer at the lowest price?

If getting the cheapest price is your top priority, you should definitely shop around. There’s a difference between “price” and “value” – someone who buys a couple of cheap magic tricks & hires themselves out as a clown or magician 1 or 2 times a month will probably not cost very much, & most likely will be worth even less.
  On the other hand, inviting a trained professional to create an unbelievably enjoyable experience you can confidently share with your family & friends involves a totally different level of value.

What kind of balloon sculptures do you make?

To be honest, I am not the best balloon twister around so some of those amazing balloon creations that you may have seen I do not do.  I specialize in quick 1-2 balloon creations and am known for my speed so I can quickly go through a line of children and like to make it fun for them as I do!  For the girls, they like my flowers, butterflies, princess wands, dogs, cats, etc.  For the boys, they like my dragons, dinosaurs, swords, bow and arrows, and things like that.  I also make some really cool hats!

What kind of interactive games do you perform?

I love performing the games since it involves all the children at the same time and we have tons of fun!   If we have enough space, I bring a 12-foot wide parachute and play a few games with the parachute.  Another popular game is Interactive Hot Potato where we use a plush skunk as the “Hot Potato” and play music while he is passed around and when the music stops, the kids act out something such as acting like a monkey, etc.  We also may play Limbo with a balloon as the stick, freeze dance, music games for older kids, etc.  For company picnics we play sack races, tug of war and other fun games!

How does payment work?

I accept either cash or Venmo at the party or you may pay with your credit/debit card using the link on the invoice that we email you once you reserve with me.  Sorry but I do not accept personal checks but I do accept company checks for company events.