Total Kids Magic Camp

Our Magic Camp Program is designed to take our 8 hour full magic course program and present it within 5 consecutive days, 2 hours each day.  Throughout the week, students will participate in a full agenda of fun and interactive activities.  We incorporate the Discover Magic program into our Magic Camp.  Each day, they will receive their “trick of the day” along with live performances by the instructors.  As a result, this helps students imagine and create their own unique ways of presenting the tricks they learn to family and friends. They will receive their secret file folder for the day and then watch the “Trait of a True Magician” video lesson.  This results in an open discussion on why each life-lesson is important to learn.

In addition to learning magic, campers are exposed to other activities such as improvisation among others.  We also play a variety of magic themed games that not only make memories and laughter, but also create a thirst for knowledge.  See why our Total Kids Magic Camp is the best in San Diego County!

If you are a school or organization and would like to have us teach this amazing program at your facility, contact us and we would love to talk to you.