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For Children Ages 6-12
Magic School, Online Magic Classes, Magic Camp in San Diego and Orange County

Welcome to Total Kids Magic Academy.  Our goal is for kids to have fun while learning something they love – Magic!  We do so with an emphasis for them to learn important life skills such as self confidence,  creativity, speaking skills, among others.  At the end of the program, your child will have cool magic tricks, new perspectives, and unforgettable experiences.

Total Kids Magic Academy offers both virtual and in-person magic classes.  Our in-person magic camps are taught at Schools and Recreation Centers throughout San Diego and Orange county.  If you are a school or organization and would like to partner with us, contact us!

Learn Magic LIVE via Zoom with Dynamite Dave!

Total Kids Magic is now offering it’s wildly popular Discover Magic Classes online and LIVE!  Find out more by clicking the link below.

  • Next 4-Week Class (Green Wand Course) starts 10 May 2022 and will meet every Tuesday on Zoom at 4:00 PM PST (7:00 EST)

Why Discover Magic?

  • Amazing Custom Magic Tricks
  • Top Secret File Folders with bonus extras and tricks
  • Learn the 8 Traits of a True Magician
  • Access to on-line videos in our online video vault.   
  • An exclusive magic wand and Discover Magic Graduation Certificate
  • Four difference courses – Purple, Green, Orange & Blue Wands; each one has eight magic classes
  • Your child may enjoy a fun and rewarding new hobby that could be life changing!

We Offer Several Different Ways to Learn Magic

Click on the links below to find out more!


On-Line Courses

Now Available, our private and group Magic courses are taught on-line and LIVE in a secure Zoom virtual classroom. 


School, Church & Scouting Programs

Many options available including after-School programs, at-School programs & more.


Magic Camps

Magic Camps are held at various locations during the year such as Recreation Centers, Libraries & more.  Check below for available classes.

We teach Magic & Life-Skills in what we call:

The 8 Traits of a True Magician

Students will learn the importance of being kind to their audience, and treating others the way they want to be treated.
Lesson 1
The best way to be prepared is to always have a plan and to think things through. We do this by teaching how to have everything set-up before the show.
Lesson 2
We teach students how to be excited about their performance. For example, smiling, projecting confidence, and using hand gestures to make performances magical!
Lesson 3
Students learn to introduce themselves enthusiastically. We teach our students what to say when they perform for family and friends. Also, the ways to engage audiences and trust in their practice, so they can have fun while performing.
Lesson 4
A true magician never brags about what they can do, they are always ready to learn more. We help students take comfort in admitting their mistakes. In addition, we show how to listen to others while learning from each performance!
Lesson 5
Your child is encouraged to allow themselves to be different. We stress how true magicians do not take ideas from others without permission and are not afraid to fail. We help students add their own personal touch, which fosters creativity.
Lesson 6
Children will learn how to be the best version of themselves. We encourage each student to refrain from trying to be something they are not. Most importantly, we encourage our students to always be truthful, and not blame others!
Lesson 7
A true magician gives a gift to an audience. Students do this by being authentic while performing, and being humble with their skill. They give without expecting anything in return. We encourage students to be creative and create a memory. Therefore, the REAL gift is the feeling they get from performing.
Lesson 8

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Looking for Southern California’s Favorite Family Magician?  Look no further, Dynamite Dave with Total Kids Magic (and Total Kids Magic School) is one of the top rated family comedy Magicians in Southern California!  Book him now for your child’s upcoming event.