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School & Organizations

Here at Total Kids Magic School there are several different programs that we offer schools and organizations and these programs can be held as after-school programs, workshops, or even assemblies.  We are very flexible and can offer a variety of options to accommodate your needs.

After-School Programs

Our After-School Program teaches the Discover Magic curriculum, which teaches valuable life skills and of course magic!  It is wildly popular in various parts of the country and we are proud to now offer it in San Diego County.  This can be taught as either a 5 or 8 lesson program and there are four different courses in which to choose from.  To see the different wand courses that we offer, select here.  

The purple wand course is usually how we like to start their journey through this incredible program.  Each lesson is usually 60-90 minutes depending on the number of children.  If you are a school or organization that would like to offer this program contact us.

Magic Workshops

In addition to our wand courses, we also offer three different magic workshops, which are perfect for larger groups such as a class or even a larger group.  

In our workshops we perform magic with ordinary found-at-home items while showing how important subjects such as math, science, music, art and theater are as all relate to the magic.

We also bring a file folder for the children to take home that has some of the tricks that we cover along with other fun projects.

Workshops are about 45-60 minutes in duration.

Magic Assemblies

San Diego Magic Academy offers our Magic Words assembly, which is an interactive 45 minute anti-bullying magic show, in which we never mention anything about or say the word bullying.  Instead, we focus on the power of words and how by using positive words, specifically what we call MAGIC POWER WORDS, it helps kids focus on kindness, stop bullying and realize that the words we use are so full of power.  

Throughout the performance they visually see and experience the magic and come to realize that they have the magic power inside of them to make a difference in people.
The 8 Magic POWER words we focus on are: Hello, Please, Thank You, I’m Sorry, I Forgive You, I Understand, Great Job and I Can. 

Along with this program, children can receive a top-secret file folder that not only reinforces everything taught, but has extra tricks, games and challenges to help them increase in their awareness and power of communication.  Contact us for more details